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Our company carries out integrated installations, the fabrics of our products are made from raw fabric and PVC. The tent and tarpaulin products are manufactured according to the requests of our customers. Our company operates in the industrial area of ​​Istanbul-Kemerburgaz and Selimpaşa Ortaköy. After having worked in different branches of the technical textiles sector, we oriented our activities in the fields of manufacturing and the production of tents and tarpaulins. We not only offer our products and services in Turkey’s domestic market, but we also export to Asian countries, Europe, the Middle East and also to some African countries.

Since the establishment of our company, we have adopted the principle of manufacturing world-class products and we are constantly improving the infrastructure and the technical quality of our staff. With our high capacity, the use of modern technology and our expert staff, our company manufactures products to CE, TSE and ISO 9001 standards. Our company is an integrated installation and all our production steps are carried out within our factory with our own structures.

Our laboratories

In our laboratories, we carry out inspections and tests of the quality of raw materials and finished products as well as the strengths and lifetimes of our products. Even more in this section, we are doing new color and R & D work that is done according to customer demand. In our laboratories, we have all the test devices for the production of tents and tarpaulins, such as:

  1. Tensile and elongation test device
  2. Refractometer
  3. Viscometer
  4. Color fastness tester
  5. Etu (Oven)
  6. Micrometer
  7. Hand mixer and other laboratory equipment

Chain unit

 The Twine imported from the outside are all first analyzed at the control laboratory before being sent to the deposit of our raw materials. The warehouse manager then places the wires in the chain section for the first stage of production to pass on the warp process in the Warp Machine. In the Warping Machine with a width of 3.5 meters, the threads are thawed and wrapped around the levers. Prepared leaveners are sent to the weaving unit.

Weaving unit

The weaving unit is made up of 13 water jet weaving machines and 7 Sulzer brand air jet weaving machines. These machines can be woven from 100cm to 300cm wide. The levers from the chain unit are placed on the weaving machines after being drawn. The woven fabrics in the machines adjusted to the desired frequency are wrapped in the capillaries and sent to the coating unit.

Raw materials used:

  1. PVC
  2. Plasticizer
  3. Viscosity regulators
  4. Thermal stabilizers
  5. Stabilizers of light
  6. Mastic
  7. Dyes
  8. Acrylic
  9. Lacquers

The quality of the chemicals are checked and approved in the control laboratory before being introduced into the depot.  With high speed mixers, the prepared chemicals are mixed in certain proportions. The paste obtained is ground in dough boilers with the help of an overwhelming.  Pasta boilers are put to rest in waiting rooms to cool them. The pasta that was put to rest is then sent to the PVC coating machine to cover the glands of the weaving unit.

PVC weaving unit

The heating process provided with resistors of the coating machine comprises 10 essential parts. By the method of direct plastering of the dough, the semi-finished product introduced into the system in the form of the layers becomes the finished product. The plastering process is simply as follows. The dough is peeled on the raw fabric using a knife to the desired thickness. Then, it is plasticized by enclosing in the cabins at 190-200 degrees. The volatile gases formed from the raw materials used during the plasticization (PVC, DOP, STABILIZER, etc.) are ejected from the chimney by the circulation in the PVC coating machine.  The products obtained are packaged in large fabrics and sent to the quality control and packaging unit.

Quality control and packaging

Products from the PVC coating unit are transported to the packaging and quality control unit. Here, depending on the nature of the product and the needs of the customers, the products are cut and packed in packaging rolls. During this winding process, the quality of the goods is also checked. For this purpose, goods that have the slightest defect can not be received by customers. Once the wrapping process of the rolls and wrapping in protective nylons is completed, one puts labels containing the product information before sending them to the warehouse.

Storage unit

 The warehouse is composed of two parts: storage of raw materials and warehouse of finished products. The raw materials received are distributed by the warehouse manager according to the departments to which they will be assigned. Products from the quality control and packaging unit are stored according to color, nature and quality. The shelves have been specially designed for the protection of the products and the preservation of the product packaging. These shelves offer a guarantee of protection of our products until more than 5 years. The products are placed in the locations required by the warehouse manager and are designed to be loaded according to the customer’s request.

Tent making workshop

This unit is used for tent garment and it consists of machines such as: sewing machine, foot seal machine, hand seal machine, hacksaw, machine weld, etc. The manufacture of tents is made from our own PVC products or our own made-up textile fabrics. When making tents, all gluing operations and sewing operations are carried out by our own staff.  Apart from this, the irons, the aluminum skeleton and all the accessories are manufactured in-our company or received according to the demands of the customers.  It is also important to know that all kinds of tents can be made in our company. Membrane structure studies are also performed in this unit.